DigitalX – Mutant Colonies EP

by DigitalX

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The year is 3707. A sealed away device from space which is converting live creatures into mutants is found accidentally and taken to the ground. Buried for 3,000 years quickly drags the world nearly completely conquered by the roaming mutants and the survived people are evacuated to the remote planet Groth.
A battle against the mutants is unleashed upon the entire Earth.
Long awaited victory is ones again on the side of the mankind and the device is sent to space. The survived solders travelled to Grogh carrying the flags of the victory ready to re-evacuate the people back to Earth.
A reign of the Dark Legion, the soldiers of the Dark Empire spreading nothing but destructions and complete chaos is what they find on the planet. The people ones again are trapped and the return home looks like a dim dream.
Only chance for the humans is the mutant machine to win the fight and save mankind from the most powerful army in the Universe.


released August 10, 2014



all rights reserved



Alex is graduated in Electronic music production from SAE and Thames Valley University- London in 2004.. Determination, always in search for new sounds and meanings are the key points taking the major part of his conception for the music production that you can find as a result in his work. Keeping always the underground spirit in his production is his signature. ... more

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